Florence + the Machine music videos: Ceremonials era (Part 2/2)

p o o r  l i t t l e  B a t,
y o u ’ r e  i n  m y  w o r l d  n o w


Batman has Nightwing and Robin… you have us.


Old Hollywood Avengers

(because Tony throwing Gatsby-like parties is perfect)


dc minimalists → Batfamily


Happy 75th Birthday Batman! And a reminder from Cillian of just how different it might have been. :)

"Absurdly, I tried out for Batman. Nolan said ‘You’re not quite right,’ and I was like ‘I know I’m not!’"

He did get to try the batman suit on, though. “I think it was Val Kilmer’s one.” How was it? “A bit big for me.”